What happened to my Self-Control…

Hey Everyone,   From April until June I had been working hard on my fitness and trying to create a better me, I took up running and even wrote some posts about my fitness routine to keep me on track and motivated - but recently I've just lost all motivation and self-control! I literally have... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Cardio Exercises

Hey Everyone, In my Struggle Is Real post I stated that I wanted to lose weight and start enjoying working out again, so today I thought I'd share some of my favourite workouts that help shift the pounds, and are actually pretty enjoyable! ย I aim to work out 4 days a week, aiming for 2... Continue Reading →

How I’m Getting my ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ Back

Hey Everyone, January has been a notorious time for diets and of course I'm no different. I've posted about my healthy lifestyle journey in my previous posts;ย Healthy Living Lifestyleย andย Fitness Tracker Takeover. And now with my girls trip to Ibiza fast approaching I'm finding myself wishing I hadn't eaten quite so many chocolates at Christmas! So... Continue Reading →

Healthy Living Lifestyle

Hey Everyone,   A few weeks ago I posted about my Fitness Tracker and how I use it to track my activity, and today I decided that I would share some tips I have which help keep me just a little bit healthier. I'd just like to say that I have no training in regards to... Continue Reading →

Fitness Tracker Takeover

Hey Everyone,   Am I the only one who has noticed societies obsession with fitness trackers? As a society with an obesity epidemic it's a little ironic how we all rely on a bracelet to tell us to move and of course I own one too.     I'm really never far from my FitBit,... Continue Reading →

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