BLOGMAS 13: My Blush Collection

Hey Everyone, Blush is something that can make or break a look, if its too strong it can detract from other features and clash with bold eyes/lips but if you skip it your makeup won't look complete! Here is my blush collection, these are mainly all soft tones as I find it easier to blend... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 11: How I apply falsies

Hey Everyone, Falsies are something we all struggle with but truth be told they can really help to finish a dramatic makeup look - and with a little practice they really aren't that difficult to do! BEFORE YOU STARTย  First things first you need the right lash. A thinner band is a whole lot easier... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 08: My Christmas Wishlist

Hey Everyone, It's that time of year again where we all spend hours online trying to find that perfect gift but inevitably just find things we want instead, so here's some of the goodies on my Christmas List this year... KAT VON D - Shade and Light Contour Palette Already owning (and never using) the... Continue Reading →

BLOGMAS 03: Skincare Favourites

Hey Everyone, For the past four months I've had a lot of skin issues, if you follow me on Instagram you probably will no this already! Basically my Eczema has been flaring up and I've been having horrible issues with my eyes, from eye infections to swollen puffy eyes! Whats worse is I can't seem... Continue Reading →

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