What happened to my Self-Control…

Hey Everyone,


From April until June I had been working hard on my fitness and trying to create a better me, I took up running and even wrote some posts about my fitness routine to keep me on track and motivated – but recently I’ve just lost all motivation and self-control! I literally have no willpower to even make the 10-minute walk to the bus stop, nevermind to go for a 5k run. It’s a strange feeling because for a good while I was really enjoying it and I was feeling so much better for it!

For me the issue began when I got my new job, there we get 2 breaks and there’s a  super cheap canteen – do you see my issue?! In my last job, I brought in an uninventive packed lunch. Usually, a sandwich, crisps and some fruit so kinda healthy and still filling whereas now I am easily eating 4 decent meals a day and I am partial to a wee McDonalds too! It’s a disaster and as a foodie, I find it too easy to say yes when someone asks if I want to go to one of the tasty restaurants a little too close to my work!

Now I know that is all just one huge excuse and the easy way around it is to meal prep and plan ahead but I’m lazy, hate cooking and like variety! Something I’m sure a lot of you have encountered when meal prepping or considering meal prepping! But my willpower needs strengthening and the stone I have gained (maybe even more) needs to be gone, I’m not “fat-shaming” myself I just don’t feel great at this size. I have that clothes that used to fit me don’t anymore and that I have to order up a size in my clothes it has really knocked my confidence and I know it’s easy to fix!

So here’s how I’m going to fix it…

  • Get back on track with my diet, I find writing down or tracking your food a good way to watch what you eat, especially when you’re starting out as it makes it very clear to see where your downfall is!
  • Get back to the gym – my new job means I’m a lot busier than I used to be but I’m going to aim for the gym at *least* once a week until I can get back into the swing of things.
  • Go running again, I really did enjoy running when I was in the swing of it but I know it’ll be hard to get back there. So I’m going to try and incorporate running into my gym workouts and actually get out running at least once a week while the weather is still decent!
  • Remember that all progress is good progress and that even baby steps are steps in the right direction!


Have you any tips on how I can re-motivate myself to get fitter for winter?


Charlotte xx

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