Top Tips on How To Relax

Hey Everyone,

This time of year is typically quite stressful, whether it be exam stress from school/college/university, the stress of a new job (like me) or maybe the stress of trying to plan an amazing girl trip and working out how you’re going to afford it too (also me!). So I thought this would be a helpful post on some of my favourite ways to relax and destress!

Go for a run

Honestly, I didn’t understand the power of a run until I started the ‘Couch to 5K’! It’s a free app that guides you through your run, and intensifies a little each week! I aim for 3-4 runs a week they usually only take around 30 minutes so I try to slot them in on hair washing days before work or if I’m in early I’ll do it before bed! With the lighter nights here it is nice to get out in the fresh air! And if running isn’t your thing then a good walk can be just as relaxing!


Play some music

I know when I was in university I played music constantly while I was revising and certain songs now make me a little stressed because of it, so why not make a separate ‘Chill Out’ Playlist that has some of your favourite throwbacks or some songs that you just love, I really recommend some songs from your favourite musicals or 90’s R&B – lets be real singing along to Destiny’s Child is definitely a mood booster!

Face Mask Time

I truly believe there is nothing a good face mask can’t fix, taking out those 15-20 minutes to just sit and relax while the face mask is doing its thing can really help you refocus and can help calm any worries you have! If you’re a bit of a neat freak like me, I really recommend sheet masks! They are just as good but no mess so it’s a lot easier to clean up! I love the Garnier Skin Active Mask and I recently tried the Skin Republic Collagen Infusion Mask* and I loved it! My skin was so soft, hydrated and visibly plumper after so it’s definitely worth checking out – I’ve also used the Skin Republic Bubble mask and have reviewed it here!

Bath Time

A good bath is such a luxurious thing, I can literally feel my worries melt away the moment that I turn the tap on! Recently I’ve been favouring bath oils over the traditional bubble bath as I find them to be a lot more hydrating on the skin, I’ve been loving the Olverum Bath Oil* – they state it is like a warm comforting hug and I couldn’t agree more! I like to use just a few drops of this oil under running water and then close the bathroom door so the stream can build up a little, honestly it feels like walking into a spa! It has a lovely luxe spa scent (is that a thing? I feel like it is. Basically it’s like a lavender-y eucalyptus bliss scent) and it feels amazing on the skin too. This bath oil can help you achieve a deep and untroubled nights sleep and can stimulate circulation to help aid aching joints so it is perfect for post runs!

Why not combine all these tips and go for a run, before relaxing in a warm bath with your favourite face mask and your best Spotify playlist on! I hope these tips will help you de-stress and remember that a problem shared is a problem halved! There are plenty of people out there to help and you don’t have to face it all alone.


Charlotte xx

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Discalimer: Products marked (*) were sent to me for consideration but they are products I genuinely enjoy using and all opinions are my own!

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  1. I loved reading about how running was made easier because of the app, so you not only gave a suggestion and tip but you gave a booster and reason to run aside from to just relax. Then I really loved how you combined all here tips in one sentence suggesting a routine 🏆 🌙

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