My Guide to the Glossy Lip

Hey Everyone,

Recently the beauty world has moved from the trusty matte lip back to a gloss. With this comes some pros – for example glossy lips are a lot more moisturising and comfortable, however on the downside they aren’t usually as long lasting as a matte (liquid) lipstick. So today I thought I’d share my favourite products for a glossy lips and my tips and tricks on how to create the perfect canvas and how to keep it on all day!


Lip prep is an important part of makeup application, if like me you always have dry lips it can really ruin a makeup look! First up I like to use a scrub, I recommend doing this before you’re makeup so you don’t disrupt the makeup around your lips! I love the Lush Lip Scrubs, especially the mint one! I then like to go in with a thick lip balm, I like the Carmex pots or the Lipsyl compacts, they are thicker than a standard lip balm and leave your lips lovely and soft all day! I leave the lip balm to sink in while I apply the rest of my makeup.

These are the same steps I take whether I’m applying a matte lip or a glossy one!

Apply it All

Often if we’re running late a quick swipe of lipstick or lip gloss is all we have time for, but if possible I really recommend following all the steps for a perfect application! Start with lip liner, a glossy lip will disguise any overlining that might occur (another bonus!). I applying a liquid lipstick after lining, this means you can still wear your favourite colours with a new glossy finish! It also means that when the gloss wears off there will still be some colour on your lips, it also adds more longevity to the look! Finally top it off with a gloss!

The Only Way is Gloss

Lip Gloss always scared me, I had flashbacks to 2008 when a lip gloss would either stick your lips together, catch every possible crumb or get attached to your hair! A total nightmare. Now a days, glosses aren’t stringy and glue like but much more comfortable! My favourites are Max Factor Lustrous Sands -it’s my go to for an almost sheer nude, and Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer in Tease, this is very nude though (almost concealer lips) but I love how it looks with a smokey eye!

I find a glossy lip a lot easier to re-apply on the go as you don’t need to be quite as precise! What is your favourite products for a glossy lip?


Charlotte xx

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  1. I’m glad I saved up all my glosses in a little make-up bag, my time has come! Though like others I find the gloss more frustrating especially with it’s lack of lasting power and the bundles of hair that get stuck in it if the wind blows a certain way lol

    Though I’m going to try out some of your tips and try to incorporate glosses into my routine a little more, especially in work!

    x Hayley The Tiny x

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