3Levels Belfast – Restaurant Review

Hey Everyone,

Today I thought I’d share with you my other passion, food. I love trying out different restaurants and trying new foods, one of my favourite cuisines is Asian (esp Thai)! To switch things up a little I thought I’d write a review of my new favourite restaurant – 3Levels!



3Levels is an Asian Restaurant in Belfast, on University Road. Each level has a different cuisine, I believe the first level is traditional Japanese, the second level is Chinese and the third level is Japanese Tappenyaki. The third level is my favourite! You get to watch the chefs create your meals and there is a lot of audience participation, so it’s perfect for a party with friends. Normally audience participation is my idea of a nightmare, especially in a crowded restaurant when you’re sharing a table with strangers but the vibe is so laid back here and all focussed around your enjoyment that it’s just good fun!

I went a few weeks ago with my friend and we just got a bunch of food to split, we ordered 4 starters; Chicken Gyoza, Prawn Tempura, Yaki Tori and Chargrilled Irish Beef and Asparagus Kushiyaki. These were all delicious but the star of the show was the sushi! We ordered both California Rolls and Volcano Rolls. OH MY GOD.  These were both amazing, I normally only eat vegetarian sushi as I’m a little afraid of raw fish but these were amazing! The California Rolls were so fresh and delicious but the Volcano Rolls stole the show! They were fried in a tempura batter with the most delicious spicy mayo, if you’re into sushi (or any asian food) I really recommend going here!

TOP TIP: Make sure you book for the Japanese Tappenyaki floor! You won’t regret it!



Charlotte xx

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