2018 – Year for the Single Ladies

Hey Everyone,

I’m trying hard to make 2018 my year, I’ve a set of goals that I want to achieve and little by little I’m working towards achieving them. My biggest goal is at the end of the year to look back and know that I was happy throughout the year. It’s a weird one I know but to me happiness is essential in life and there are a lot of ways to contribute to your happiness over the year, but for me a relationship isn’t one of them.

For me being single is a positive thing, I don’t feel lonely or insecure. It means I don’t have to go to the cinema to watch crappy films or go out when I feel like a night in. Of course there are some positives to being in a relationship – like a permanent travel buddy. But being single is great, it teaches you to be more independent and to do things for yourself, but not only that it has forced me to get out there and interact more with my friends. I’m not longer afraid to send that text saying “When you free for coffee ☕️🍰” and I get to spend more time with my family.

Not only that but being single is what encouraged me to start my blog, which I definitely view as a good thing!

So in 2018 I’m not gonna change my outlook on life, my happiness will always be my priority (as it should be) and anyone who has an issue with my relationship status will be told where to go! I believe the moral of this post is that you shouldn’t be made to feel inferior because you’re single, this year is for us and our happiness!


Charlotte xx

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7 thoughts on “2018 – Year for the Single Ladies

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  1. ❤ You go girl! Being single definitely has a lot of positives, and I think its the best way to take time and just focus on yourself and making yourself happy rather than constantly worrying if you are making others happy. It can be hard sometimes, but it means a lot less drama and a lot less heartache ❤

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  2. That’s so true… even though sometimes I feel lonely.. but right now I wanna spend so much time with myself I can’t even explain.. hope you’ll be able to achieve what you want to in this year. Stay blessed☺
    P.s. love your blog😍

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  3. I’m newly single because of this have time to dedicate to blogging and writing which is my passion – it all works out for a reason! Great post and hope that 2018 brings you everything you wish for and more x

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