Beauty Trends I’m GIVING UP in 2018

Hey Everyone,

So we’ve almost made it through the first two weeks of 2018, and while I can’t say I’m ready to give up the last of the christmas chocolates there are definitely some things I’m ready to give up in 2018…

Over Highlighting the Skin

While I do love a good glow, I’m just over the tin man/super reflective highlighter. Personally I think it looks fab in photos but on me it looks awful in real life, so in 2018 I’m going to be embracing a softer glow that’s less sparkly and more dewy!

“Baking” the Under Eye area

While adding some excess powder to your under eye can be fab for catching eyeshadow fallout if you’ve already done your foundation, baking the under eye area can often lead to it looking white and can almost ruin a good makeup look. If this is something you love just be cautious as camera flash might not be your best friend.

Overly Drying Matte Lips

While it is widely known on this blog that I love a good matte, I’m over how dehydrated certain brands can leave the lips! Recently I’ve been opting for a (non-sticky) gloss over my liquid lipsticks which helps them be a whole lot more comfortable. My favourite gloss is the Max Factor Gloss in the shade Lustrous Sands.

Of course these are just trends that I’m not into, personally I don’t find them flattering so I’m leaving them behind in 2017. If you love these trends then please don’t be offended, you keep on doing you!


Charlotte xx

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  1. I haven’t figured out how to highlight or bake the under eyes >.< but it is great to read your tips especially for when taking photos and the difference between that and the appearance of it in real life ❤ The matte lippy is sometimes a killer, I never had a problem with mine but in the colder months though the lasting power was amazing it ended up cracking my lips slightly so I'm taking a wee break from them myself, but never thought to put some lipgloss over them to help hydrate!

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