BLOGMAS 16: How I Save My Skin In Winter

Hey Everyone,

The cold weather really takes a toll on my skin in the colder months, and mixed with the heating system/air con in all the shops right now my skin is ruined. While I still love my regular skincare routine there are a few extra treats I use this time of year to help combat dryness.


I find these one of the easiest ways to get an extra shot of moisture into my skin, there are so many great brands out there and pinterest is  full of DIY versions! My go to is the Garnier Skin Active Mask I use it once a week and it really helps rehydrate and plump up my skin.


I know this one might not seem like a tip to most people, but in reality during Winter we drink so much tea and coffee (and Prosecco) that we often neglect the simple glass of tap water! For ages I didn’t realise that tea and coffee can actually dehydrate your skin, so make sure you are still getting at least 2 litres of water a day!


This stuff is the real deal! It’s superb for leaving your lips lusciously soft and full of moisture. Diving in and out of the cold weather, mixed with a little too many liquid lipsticks has left my lips a dry flakey mess so this is my absolute favourite! I have them stashed everywhere in the house!


Charlotte xx

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