BLOGMAS 11: How I apply falsies

Hey Everyone,

Falsies are something we all struggle with but truth be told they can really help to finish a dramatic makeup look – and with a little practice they really aren’t that difficult to do!


First things first you need the right lash. A thinner band is a whole lot easier to apply than a thick band! Eylure 159’s are one of my favourite styles and they have a really thin band! Once you’ve picked the right lashes, you need to do a little prep work!

  • Do all you’re makeup first, lashes should always be last as then you don’t have to worry about tugging at them
  • Make sure you have lash glue – not all lashes come with it and pre-glued lashes probably won’t be as strong! I love Duo Glue as it makes your lashes stay in place all night!
  • If you have really straight lashes it’s probably a good idea to curl them first.
  • Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes! This will help you lashes blend in better!

I really recommend applying eyeliner as this can help to disguise the lash band, even if it’s just a simple thin line across you lash line it’ll help you out in the long run!


  1. Cut lashes to the right length for your eyes, simply hold the false lashes against our lashes and see what’s left over! For the best look trim from the outer edge and remember, falsies shouldn’t go right from the inner corner but from where your real lashes begin (usually around 1/2 a cm in)
  2. Glue your lashes and let them sit! They’ll need around 30 seconds up to a minute to dry, it’ll be so much easier to apply once the glue is tacky! If your unsure how to tell then put a little dot of glue on your table and when it’s tacky the lashes are ready! For a better hold apply extra glue to the inside and outside edge of the lashes and a good coating over the whole band! You don’t need too much glue just enough to cover the lashband.
  3. Look down into a mirror (or tilt your head back a little) and drop the lashes on. I find its easiest to use tweezers as your hand won’t be covering your lashline and you can place them with more precision. Apply the middle first and then tuck in the inner and outer edges, I then use my tweezers to clamp together the falsies and my real lashes but be careful if you do this!

If your having trouble getting the inner corners to stay down try cutting the lash in two to three pieces and apply them separately! If you do this I recommend applying from the outer corner to the inner corner.

Hope this has helped you out!


Charlotte xx

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