How To Create a Media Kit

Hey Everyone,


As bloggers, we are given so many great opportunities to work with some fab companies and whether you’ve searched them out or they’ve found you, it’s always a good idea to have a media kit.


So what is a Media Kit?

A Media Kit is essentially a document that contains information about your brand. It can be anything from one page onwards but keep in mind that you actually want people to read it and if it looks too long they might just skip over it! You’re Media Kit should showcase your best assets as a blogger, if you are amazing at photography then include more images, if you’re a fashion blogger include images of you’re favourite OOTDs, ect. You basically have to blow your own horn here!

When creating your media kit, I recommend sticking with the colour theme of your blog for a more cohesive look!

What to include?

  • Key facts and statistics about your blog, e.g follow count and visits
  • Short bio, e.g how old your blog is, what you write about
  • Graphics, possibly from previous collaborations
    • Include a photo of yourself
    • Include your logo (if you have one)
  • Statistics
    • Subscribers (Blog and Social Media)
    • monthly page Views
    • Monthly Unique Visitors
    • Reader Demographics (Age Range and Gender)
  • Collaboration Options
    • You can include prices here if you want to
  • Previous companies you’ve worked with
  • Contact information


Once you get started it’s not that hard to make! There are loads of places that you can make a Media Kit, you can even download samples online but my favourite site to use is Canva. However, remember that your Media Kit is a live document so remember to keep it up to date, I usually do this once a month!


Here are some other blogs I found helpful when creating my Media Kit:-

Rhianna Olivia

Melyssa Griffin

Hannah Gale



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlotte_tudge_makeup

Facebook: Charlotte Tudge – MUA and Blog

Twitter: @charlottesbblog (note the 2b’s)



14 thoughts on “How To Create a Media Kit

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  1. Great tips Charlotte. I am still fairly new to it all and haven’t done any collabs or sponsored posts as I haven’t really been reaching out to companies as I’m a little nervous. If I was to create a media kit now what would you suggest for those sections until I gain some more experience and start working with some brands and companies?

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    1. I would still include the services you’re able to provide, like collaboration or giveaways etc but in the brands you’ve collaborated with section I would just leave it out and fill the area with some photos or stats etc! Media kits are totally customisable and can be laid out what ever way you want, I just included mine as a guide so don’t feel confined by my layout haha x


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