Travel Diaries: Dubrovnik, Croatia (Part 1)

Hey Everyone,


This year I was lucky enough to travel to Dubrovnik, it is such a beautiful country steeped in so much history! Not to mention it is the perfect location for any Game of Thrones fan! So here’s what I got up to on the first half of my holiday…


Warning, the following images might cause severe pangs of jealousy and wanderlust!


Sunday 10th September

The flight from Belfast is around three hours, and the drive from the airport to the hotel was around 30 minutes. We opted for a shared shuttle as it was only a little bit more expensive but so much more convenient! On the drive from the airport, I saw this little beauty, the walls of Old Town. Like many excited travellers on the weeks leading up to my holiday I search high and low on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas of what to do when away and Old Town was number one on my list. Not to mention it’s one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones!



We stayed in an area called Babin Kuk, it’s a largely coastal area which meant that no matter what way I looked I was never far from the sea. This one is Lapad Beach, it’s a lovely area with lots of restaurants and ice cream shops!


Monday 11th September

Monday was a day for the ducks…. We started the day exploring the area around our hotel, we’d heard there were three beaches near by so we went on the hunt, as who doesn’t love to watch the sunset at the beach!



We headed for Old Town, and yep the blue skies and sunshine were long gone and the heavy cloud had rolled in. Now I’m from Belfast and no sugar cube, I can handle the rain but let me tell you I have never seen a storm as bad as this one! We stayed in Old Town for about 2 hours and were absolutely soaked by the end of it! We tried to find shelter and hide where possible but that really wasn’t an easy task when almost everything is outdoors! There was an amazing thunderstorm that night, the sky was lit up purple with lightening, sadly I didn’t get any photos but it was a fab thing to watch!



Tuesday 12th September

Tuesday we decided to stay in, hoping the weather would improve! Once again we spent a good part of the day walking around the area and admiring all that Dubrovnik had to offer!


Thankfully Tuesday saw the end of the bad weather, and the sunshine and blue skies Pinterest had promised me quickly returned!


Wednesday 13th September

The sunshine was back and so was my sense of adventure. Not being content with the rain flushing us out of Old Town we headed back, this time we had only one thing on our minds, The Walls of Old Town Dubrovnik.


After we walked around the walls and had some lunch we took the plunge and went on our first Island adventure. We decided to try Lokrum Island first, this is a beautiful island about a 10/15 minute ride from Old Town!


It is a largely uninhabited island, as no one lives there nor can you spend the night so there are only a handful of restaurants and the rest of the space is made up of beaches, wild life areas and old ruins.



Oh yeah, did I mention the Iron Throne is there? Lokrum Island is a fab day out if you’re in Dubrovnik, I think we spent around 3 hours on the Island, but you could honestly spend so much more time there!




Having been to quite a few European cities I’ve got to say Dubrovnik is a high contender for the most beautiful, not even the views from thee Arc de Triomphe come close to the views from the walls!


Part two of my travels around Dubrovnik will be along in a few weeks, it holds tales from my day at the Elaphiti Islands and more trips to Old Town Dubrovnik, so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!


Also please let me know what is the best place you’ve ever visited is?



Charlotte xx

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