Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

Hey Everyone,


I received the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour through Influenster and after trying out a few of the shades I thought I would share my opinions and include swatches of the shades I got.



I got sent five of the shades to try out, 710 Latte to go, 110 Blush, 200 Pink Blink, 500 Fire Starter and 840 Pitch Black. They also have several more shades to try out online! These retail for £5.99 and they’re not the worst liquid lipstick I’ve tried but they don’t have a consistent formula – well at least for the shades I tried. Overall I’d rate these a 3/5, good for beginners but work best under a lip liner!


710 – Latte To Go


This one probably has the worst formula! It isn’t very opaque and applies really streaky, it is nice over a darker lipliner and isn’t too drying on the lips.


110 – Blush


This one is a little more opaque than 710 Latte To Go and is a nice pink colour on the lips!


200 – Pink Blink


This is a much better formula than the paler shade, it has good opacity with one swipe and isn’t streaky. I find the applicator can be a little hard to get crisp edges so I’d recommend a lip liner with all the shades.


500 – Fire Starter


This is definitely my favourite shade from the collection, it is a beautiful vibrant opaque red and the formula on this is the best out of the five I tried. I’d recommend this shade above the rest.


840 – Pitch Black


Despite the name this really isn’t pitch black. This formula was really patchy and not as opaque as the others. I imagine you would need quite a few layers to get a dark shade but I found that they didn’t layer well on top of each other.


So overall these liquid lipsticks struggled with opacity, most of the shades we either patchy or just too sheer, especially for a liquid lipstick! The do dry to a nice comfortable matte finish but the applicator isn’t precise enough to forgo a lipliner!



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlotte_tudge_makeup

Facebook: Charlotte Tudge Makeup

Twitter: @charlottesbblog (note the 2b’s)


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

4 thoughts on “Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

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  1. I was interested to find out what you about these. The shades are pretty, I like the nude’s as that’s my go-to shade. Shame they didn’t quite live up to expectations for you. I like idea of a matte finish not a patchy one though!
    Thanks for sharing lovely

    Samantha x

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