Barely Cosmetics Sponge Review

Hey Everyone,


I was recently sent some sponges by Barely Cosmetics, this is a UK company that creates multipurpose makeup sponges. I got both a ‘Definer Sponge Hard’ and a ‘Definer Sponge Soft’ I’ve had a little play around with them and thought I would share my thoughts.


What the Barely Cosmetics say about their sponges…

They are unique because of the sponges trandemarked shape, which combines a flat edge for guiding, chiselled sides for sculpting and a round bottom for blending.

The only time the sponge should not be dampened is if using the Definer Hard as a guide for winged liner or winged eyeshadow.



The sponges can be used for:

  • Concealer
  • Moisturisers
  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Contouring
  • Highlighting
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner


What each sponge is for

Definer Soft: Ideally used for base products, moiturisers, primers, foundations, concealers and cream or liquid highlighters and blushers.

Definer Hard: This is a slightly denser sponge and gives more control. Great for contouring and Guiding (Flicked Eyeliner and Winged EyeShadow). It is the ultimate sponge for putting definition back into the face.


My thoughts on: Definer Soft

This sponge is supposed to be used for base makeup, so primers, foundations, concealers ect.! It is £9.99 and the website claims it is ‘The Ideal Tool for Creating the Ultimate Flawless Complexion’.



  • Super soft sponge, so it creates a beautiful base without the need to tug and pull atthe skin.
  • It doesn’t absorb a lot of product
  • Can be used for both liquid and powdered products without ruining the sponge
  • Has a large flat side and a little point, so it is great for reaching harder areas like under the eyes and the sides of the nose.



  • Takes a long time to dry after use and becomes a little distorted (but it goes back to its original shape when wet). I know this isn’t a major issue but it can be annoying.
  • Initially applies a lighter coverage, even when using more full coverage foundations. So I usually had to go an touch up certain areas.


I really liked the Definer Soft Sponge. I found it to be very comparable to the my Beauty Blender and I’ve been enjoying using it for the past few weeks, and I definitely reach for it more now than I do my Beauty Blender!


how to BC


My Thoughts on: Definer Hard

This sponge is much harder than the definer soft (as the name suggests) this makes it perfect for getting a defined line for contouring. I’ve been using it with cream contour and cream bronzers and I have been loving the outcome!





  • Easy to use and to create a super chiselled contour
  • Doesn’t absorb a lot of products
  • Versatile shape, I like to use the edges for applying colour and the sides for blending



  • The sponge is black, so it can be hard to remember which side was used for contouring and which side was used for highlighting!


I have been loving this sponge! I always get really into cream products over the summer so this sponge has been the perfect addition to my collection! I have used it almost every time I have done my makeup and just love how quick  and easy it makes cream contouring!


Overall, I really highly recommend these sponges! If you were only to get one I would say make it the Definer Soft as I find it has more uses but the Definer Hard isn’t to be missed, especially if you love cream products too!



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlotte_tudge_makeup

Facebook: Charlotte Tudge Makeup

Twitter: @charlottesbblog (note the 2b’s)


Just a little disclaimer, yes I was sent these products but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

14 thoughts on “Barely Cosmetics Sponge Review

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    1. I much prefer a sponge than a brush as it gives a more flawless coverage! If you’re wanting to try it out I’d say the soft definer is probably best as it’s only like £10! Sponges can take a bit of getting used to but they’re worth it in the end! If you wanna try out some brushes as well Morphe ones or Real Techniques are both great brands! But with a brush you want to aim for a more dense buffing brush ✨ hope that helps xx


  1. Oooooh I’m in need of trying a new sponge, I swear by my Real Techniques one but I do want to start trying others to compare… Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. I have also tried our the original Beauty blender and I find the Barely Cosmetics soft defined sponge to be a lot softer than the Beauty Blender! They both give a similar affect though – beautifully blended foundation! I haven’t found any other sponges similar to the hard defined! So no matter which sponge I use to blend my base I always use the hard definer for cream contour and highlight!

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