Three Fashion Trends I’m Following

Hey Everyone,


I’m not usually one to jump onto fashion trends, I tend to usually buy things that will last me a few seasons as opposed to be trendy for a few months but every now and again there are a few trends that I just completely fall for and have to get involved with! These are the trends I’m following this year!



Gingham, Tartan and checks have been literally everywhere recently and it seems to be a growing trend for the Autumn/Winter. Gingham is especially popular for the summer and you can get it pretty much everywhere at the minute! I love black and white gingham but it looks great in any colour!




Again this is one of the trends that has been hard to miss this summer and I’ll bet it’ll be continuing into the Winter! Ruffles are a great way to spice up an outfit, you can keep it simple or go over the top! It’s entirely up to you!



Pinks and Reds

Pinks and Reds have definitely been making a comeback this year, especially red. This is a choice for the bold and fashion forward amongst us, and if the runways are anything to go by it’s hear-to-toe red all the way! But it’s key to keep your styling ladylike and luxe for this trend.



What is your favourite fashion trend at the minute?



Charlotte xx

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40 thoughts on “Three Fashion Trends I’m Following

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  1. I’m definitely into all 3 trends, although, I must admit, I’m not a pink girl. I like one shoulder and off the shoulder tops, basket style bags, and slide sandals.

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  2. The red and checks are definitely what i’m following too! So I completely agree they are on trend right now – I made an outfit like that if you have time you could check it out x

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