Urban Decay Lip Product Collection

Hey Everyone,


I recently attended an Urban Decay Event and it made me remember just how much I love the brand and everything they stand for. So I thought I would share my collection of lip products and give a little mini review of them too.



I am a firm believer that your lipliner does not need to match you lipstick perfectly! I only have two lipliners by Urban Decay but I’m a huge fan. They have a huge colour selection, and they have a 5* rating for a reason! I find these lipliners are super pigmented and glide on so smoothly, which is a major bonus. Also if you are looking for a lip liner to match your lipstick UD have named them both the same to make it super handy! The shades I own are Unicorn and 1993.

Unicorn: Pale Peachy Nude

1993: Medium Toned Brown



Liquid Lipstick

I only have one liquid lipstick from Urban Decay, it’s in the shade 1993 and I love it! Although these do dry to a slightly tacky finish I don’t find it that annoying and they don’t dry out your lips, which I love!


1993: Medium Toned Brown (you can see how well this matches the lip liner)




I have four Urban Decay lipsticks, and honesty if you add in a red you’ve got the perfect collection. My shades range from a dark brown to a light peachy pink, but they have hundreds of shades to choose from. These are all from the Comfort Matte range but I find they have more of a satin finish than a matte one. These have quite good staying power considering they are such a creamy lipstick. I have the shades 1993, Unicorn, Balktalk, and Stark Naked.

1993: Medium Toned Brown

Unicron: Pale Peachy Nude

Balktalk: Mauve-Nude Pink

Stark Naked: Light Nude


(L-R) 1993, Balktalk, Stark Naked and Unicorn




1993: Lipliner and Liquid Lipstick



1993: Lipliner, Liquid Lipstick and Lipstick (The Holy Trinity of lip products)



1993: Only Lipstick – you can see how important it is to wear a lipliner under these lipsticks as they are super creamy and start to feather.



Stark Naked: Only Lipstick



Backtalk – Only Lipstick




Unicorn – Lipliner and Lipstick



Unicorn Lipliner, Unicron Lipstick and Stark Naked Lipstick (I find this the perfect peachy nude without being too bright!).

These lipsticks are all super creamy which makes them really comfortable and easy to blend with other shades, sadly it also means that they feather at the edges so liner really is vital for these lipsticks.


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx

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26 thoughts on “Urban Decay Lip Product Collection

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  1. I picked up an urban decay lipstick from Nordstrom Rack and I love it! It was obvious they were trying to compete with MAC with the vice line, from the variety of colors and finishes right down to the price! lol and they are pretty good competition. The fact that they only run $9.97 at the Rack makes the deal even better!

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  2. I love Urban Decay’s bullet lipsticks! I’ve heard mixed things about their liquid lipsticks so I’m a little iffy about trying them, but I may just give them a shot!

    Amanda | thebeautypanda.com

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    1. There’s a great selection of colours but I find that 1993 isn’t the most opaque, especially compared to cheaper options like the NYX Lip Lingeries but as long as you’ve liner under the UD ones should be fine!


      1. I might just have to! I have a deep plum colour that I ADORE which was my first jump back into darker colours since my teen days of being addicted to black lol

        Liked by 1 person

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