My Night at the Urban Decay Event!

Hey Everyone,


Last week I went to a beauty event held by Urban Decay at the Perch, we got to watch the AMAZING Stevey Lennox do a tutorial and then we were able to play around with some of the products.


The event started at 7pm and it was £15.50 in, however you did get a free Urban Decay lipstick, which costs £15.50 to buy so it’s not all bad! I picked Backtalk, a matte mauve-pink tone, my personal favourite!


Stevey used the eyeshadow palettes from the Basquiat Collection to create a wearable coloured smokey eye! She mainly used the Gold Griot palette, using the brown tones to create the smokey eye and then the navy for the outer corner. She then used her concealer to create a semi-cut crease then applied the gold shade from the palette to help open the inner corner!

For the lower lash line Stevey mainly used the Tentant Eyeshadow palette from this collection, using the royal blue and purple to make the look extra smokey and then she used the pink tone to further blow out the lower lash line!


To add a little sparkle to the look, Stevey took a glitter liner and followed the shape along the top eye lid, on the inner third where she had created the cut crease. I think the liner was either Snakebite from the Razor Sharp Liquid Liner Collection, or it was Midnight Cowboy from the Heavy Metal Glitter Liner collection.

I know my photos don’t do the look much justice, sorry!


What I Learnt

I’m sure everyone at the event learnt something different but heres a few things I picked up on

  • Add Setting Spray to your Eyebrow Powder to give it more pigmentation and make more of a faux pomade.
  • Concealer is not the same as eyeshadow primer and shouldn’t be used as it.
  • For a more ‘natural’ less ‘drag’ look only use concealer under the brow bone
  • Use a medium shade for initial contour and then go back in with a darker shade in a smaller section of the face for added definition
  • Don’t be afraid of coloured eyeshadow!!!


I went with my sister and her best friend, so after the event and once we had played with all the makeup on the table at least 5 times we decided to get some cocktails and ordered pizza! I meant what else are you supposed to do at Perch!




If you haven’t already be sure to check out my GRWM for this event!


Charlotte xx
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Twitter: @charlottesbblog (note the 2b’s)

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