Skinny Coffee Club Review

Hey Everyone!


A few weeks ago I started using Skinny Coffee, this is a coffee that you drink daily that is supposed to boost weight loss, improve complexion and boost energy levels!


So does it work?

Of course if you only drink this coffee and still eat McDonalds everyday its not going to work! It’s all about balance, I’ve tried to keep an eye on my diet and go to the gym a few times a week and honestly I’ve been able to see a difference! I’m not a health and fitness expert by any means but even I know that weight loss is all about the diet and you need a good fitness regime to go along with it! I try to do 3-5 days a week, it seems really unmanageable and for a long time I struggled to go once a week but when you start incorporating workouts into your daily routine it becomes so much easier!!


The drink…

I find the best way to have the coffee is just black, I tried it with regular milk and with almond milk and it creates a weird flavour that isn’t the best! The most annoying this is that you need a french press, the only one I have is big so sometimes it can be hard to know the right water/coffee grounds ratio! This coffee isn’t as strong as a normal coffee but I feel like it still gives me a boost and makes me feel energised.

With a lot of these weight loss aids there can be hidden chemicals that aren’t the best for you, this coffee contains; Ground Coffee, Ground Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract Powder, Garcinia Cambogia, Siberean Ginseng Powder and Spirulina Powder. To be honest I hadn’t heard of the majority of these ingredients so when I read them on the website I was a little worried, but after looking into them they all seem like normal supplements.  Before you order I would suggesting having a little read of the different ingredients to make sure you are fully aware of what you are putting into your body!


The whole package…

Whenever you order the coffee you get sent an email containing a diet and exercise plan, the diet plan is very strict but can be adjusted and the exercise plan is good and easy to follow for beginners! Honestly I don’t follow either of them as I prefer doing my own things, but I have still seen great results regardless!


The end result!

I feel like I’ve seen great results with this programme, I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child and find I often lose motivation after a few days but so far I’ve been enjoying my new weight loss journey and I think that this coffee is really helping! So far I’ve lost a total of 11 inches and I’m impressed, the coffee really helps to combat bloating so would be really useful if you have an event coming up!I’ve got another 28 day programme on the way so hopefully I’ll continue to see great results!


I have a code that gives you 20% off your order, it is ‘CHARLOTTESCOFFEE20’

NB I don’t make any profit from this code it is just a friends and family discount that Skinny Coffee Club have given me!



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog


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