Day-To-Night Makeup

Hey Everyone!


Most of the time when I’ve been working I don’t have long to get ready before I have dinner plans or am meeting up with my friends. Over the years I’ve perfected a routine for freshening up my make up to take it from day to night!



This was my starting point! I had on pretty simple make up that had almost entirely melted off after work! My first step would be to take a clean brush and just go over your face to remove any of the excess make up and then use blotting papers to remove excess oil!



I then reapplied my power foundation, this gave me some extra coverage and mattified my skin. I also applied my highlighter again in order to give my skin a little glow!



When taking a day look to a night look I think the eyes are the most important. I reapplied my main eyeshadow colour and touched up my eyeliner to ensure it was nice and black. On my lower lashes I took a dark brown shade and blended this underneath to make the whole look more smokey! I also applied a little of this shade in the crease to deepen the look. I tightlined my eyes with a black pencil and smudged this into the lash line before reapplying some mascara.



I went with a berry tone on my lips which was one of the New Look Velvet Matte Pencils, I really love this shade for the autumn! I also think a darker  colour on the lip can look really sophisticated!


Overall I love this transition! I think it’s a really quick routine and can be adapted to any look!


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx



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