Victoria Secret PINK Haul!

Hey Everyone!!


I recently got some new things from the Victoria Secret PINK range! After using these products for a while I have to say I am a big fan! The scents are amazing and the products are really good too! I got most of these products in the sale so they were only a few pounds, they are normally quite expensive so I would recommend trying to hold out for the sale if you can!


Sweet and Flirty Body Lotion

This is my current moisturiser and I do really like it for everyday use! The scent is sugar berry and pink grapefruit, which I think is lovely and summery without being overpowering! It is a good moisturiser but it isn’t very intense so if you suffer from dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this one!



Sweet and Flirty 2-in-1 Wash and Scrub

This is also sugar berry and pink grapefruit scented, so it works really well with the moisturiser! I do like these scrubs as they are very gentle on your skin and I use it almost everyday without any irritation!



Wild at Heart Body Mist

I really love these body mists, I find them so easy to just spray and go! This one is red passionfruit and sheer musk scented and I don’t find it as overpowering as most perfumes so it is great for during the day!



Sun Kissed Body Lotion

This body lotion is coconut water and sunny vanilla scented and it smells like heaven! I really love it, it is the perfect scent for summer so I might just have to hold on to this one unit next year! (If I can wait that long!!)



Sun Kissed Body Mist

Again this one is coconut water and sunny vanilla scented and is the perfect body mist for  warm summers day! I really love how the smell seems to last quite a long time ad they are so light that you can keep topping up throughout the  day if you need too! These are great body sprays to keep in the gym bag!!


That’s all from my haul! Have you tried out anything from the PINK range?


Hope to see you around,



Charlotte xx

Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog

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