Go To Hairstyles

Hey Everyone!
During the summer months I really love to have my hair up and away from my face! But I get bored of the same old styles everyday, here are my favourite hairstyles for summer, which I think are super cute and summery!


This is a super easy hairstyle that keeps your hair off your face! I also think the plait is a nice change from just a ponytail!

I love doing a half-up bun, I have really long thick hair so this is the perfect style for me.

This is another simple style that takes around 5 minutes to do but it’s really effective. I think this one looks a lot more formal than the previous ones but it’s still super simple for everyday!

These little twists are my favourite. I love how they keep your hair away from your face but are still super cute. I also love how they look from the front!

I love a good braid and this Dutch one is super simple but looks really intricate. I love how it goes with multiple styles and is a great look for any occasion.
That’s my go to styles for summer! What is your go to look?
Hope to see you around!

Charlotte xx
Instagram: @charlottesmakeupblog


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