TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System

Hey everyone!!

I’ve been trying out the new TRESemme Beauty Full Volume reverse system and I’ve got to say I’m a big fan! I find that my hair looks a lot more voluminous and is so much softer than before. I am already a conditioner-aholic, I just don’t understand how people can skip this step! In this reverse system you use the conditioner first and the shampoo second (I’m yet to try it the shampoo first, but if I do I’ll update you all) this system is supposed to help hair look and feel weightless adding softness and volume to your hair.

Here’s what my hair looked like before using this product, as you can see it’s rather flat with lots of flyaways 😁

And here’s what it looks like now, I feel it looks more volumized with (considerably) less flyaways and frizziness, which I really prefer.



How I use it:

When I wash my hair I like to use the Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo for Greasy hair first, this is a step I’ve done for a few months now and I find it helps me to get an extra day between washes without the need for dry shampoo!
I then go on to use the treseme shampoo as recommended, conditioner first then the shampoo, I must admit it’s weird the first few times but then I get used to it.
Once finished in the shower I leave my hair to airdry for about half an hour before applying the TRESemme Dual Action Maximiser, the Dove Oxygen and Moisture Root Lift Spray and the TRESemme Colour Revitalise Heat Protection Mist, I really like these products and feel it helps to add extra body and shine to my hair.
I dry my hair upside down until it’s around 80% dry then I use a large vent brush to add some lift to the top of my hair, I then go on to style my hair, usually straight because I find that easiest haha


What it claims:

“2x volume, 2x smoothness”

“Touchably soft, beautifully volumised hair.”

What I found:

My hair was more volumised and definitely felt a lot softer than with other volumising products, however, I found that I did need to use a lot more of the pre-wash conditioner than instructed. I used around 6-10 pumps whereas the bottle recommends 2-3 pumps for mid-length hair.


Rating out of 5:

I’d say this is a solid 4/5 as it does give soft and volumised hair! If you’re looking for volume that doesn’t leave your hair dry and crunchy then I would definitely recommend this product.


Teni Panosian has a great video on youtube which shows the TRESemme shampoo in action.


Let me know if you’ve tried this system in the comments or if there are any other hair care products you recommend!


Hope to see you around,


Charlotte xx


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